About us

We have over 50 years of experience. We are a family-based company, originally from the port city of Ensenada B.C. Mexico. Today we have become leaders in land freight transport in the region.

Our company

For more than 50 years IN RAMIREZ has awarded a quality service to exporters and importer regionally and nationally.

Our philosophy

Through our values we want to exceed all expectations, causing the greatest benefit and the highest satisfaction to our business partners before, during and after any operation.

Meeting the needs of our business partners through effective cargo transportation, promoting cost reduction, proper management of time and the extreme care of their merchandise through our security procedures, to provide a service of the highest level.

To strengthen our leadership to remain a competitive international logistics solution, contributing to job creation in our country and relations between Mexico and the United States.

IN RAMIREZ aspires value at highest level and we believe the commitment is the fundamental basis for trust and optimal functioning of the supply chain.

Our work is guided under the next 7 values of our company, to our customers, suppliers and employees:

1-Enthusiasm: We love to know that the products we carry come to the table of hundreds of thousands of families.
2-Security: Our goal is to protect the integrity of our units and the load we carry at all times.
3-Trust: We know what we do and we do it well.
4-Technique: With the knowledge, professionalism and the highest technology.
5-Punctuality: In the place and time established.
6-Efficiency: The procedure faster, easier and more effective.
7-Ethics: Right intention and full moral behavior to create strong relationships.

Our people

People working in IN RAMIREZ are key to success.

  • Human resources capable and experienced.
  • Training and qualify.
  • Staff selection procedures.
  • Periodic reviews to the staff.


  • Screening Program and anonymous Reports
  • Random inspections program to units
  • Internal Audit Program
  • Incentive Program