From the beginning IN RAMIREZ has joined this initiative and therefore our company is committed to the continued strengthening of our security practices throughout our supply chain.


The C-TPAT program is a joint initiative between the American government and the private sector which aims to build cooperative relationships that strengthen security in the supply chain across the US border, thereby preventing the movement of international trade serve as a tool to terrorism and illegal trafficking.

C-TPAT requires a truly active role of its members. By participating, companies are directly monitored by the US Customs and must ensure a secure supply chain in relation to its employees, suppliers and customers.

As a member of C-TPAT, IN RAMIREZ must meet the following safety criteria and is evaluated periodically.

  • Security of containers and trailers
  • Requirements for business partners
  • Security of employees
  • Security of Procedural Procedures
  • Physical control access
  • Physical security
  • Security of Technology Information
  • Security training and awareness of threats
  • Risk evaluation
  • FAST

    The FAST program is a collective initiative between Canada, the US and Mexico to improve border trade by expediting commercial crossings on the basis of compliance with safety criteria to make them simpler and less subject to delays.

    The FAST program includes both, the company itself and operators, who are subject to obtain this privilege and demonstrate our reliability to US customs.

    IN RAMIREZ both the company and its operators are part of the FAST program and are under constant surveillance.

    IN RAMIREZ believes in a culture of continuous improvement of safety measures. Our company is constantly monitoring and therefore is committed to strengthening our practices throughout the supply chain. If you have questions or ideas about how we can improve safety, or have concerns about any unit, please share it with us.